How does your marital home fit into your divorce plans?

Should you move out or stay in the marital home? Before filing for divorce in Texas, there are important issues to consider. Divorce is a life-changing event, not to be taken lightly. As much as possible, it is wise to understand the consequences of your actions by seeking legal counsel. Ensure you understand how your decisions will change your lifestyle. What to do about the family home is a significant issue to consider.

Should you move out or stay in the marital home?

Answering some important questions might help you decide. Before you move out of the marital home, consider the following issues:

  • It’s possible that once you leave the home, a court proceeding may state you cannot return.
  • You could reduce your access to your children by leaving.
  • Will you be able to afford living in another residence?
  • How will your financial interest in property change due to moving out?
  • If domestic violence is a threat, you might be wise to leave and take the children with you.
  • Do you have suitable and stable arrangements for you and your children to live somewhere else?
  • If you leave your personal property under your spouse’s care, will it be safe? Or will your spouse damage it?
  • Have you considered the legal advantages of staying in your home?
  • Are you looking to have the home awarded to you during property division?
  • Do you plan to sell the home as part of divorce?

Do you have questions about whether you should move or stay in the marital home?

A family home is often a couple’s largest investment. There are a number of factors to consider before moving out in addition to other issues involved with property division.

If you need legal advice and would like to discuss the factors involved, we can help.

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